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The Boarding Kennels


Boarding Kennels Sussex and Kent


The Kennels stands on the edge of our own woodland, providing natural interest from wildlife.


Iden boarding kennels Each comfortable space has an individual covered run and we provide paved and shingle exercise paddocks for further leg stretching and ball throwing etc at least three times a day.

The set up is sociable but secure. Dogs can see each other and interact but without physical contact. Through our years of experience, we know even the most genial dog can have an ‘off day’ so we only run dogs from the same family together. We guarantee to NEVER mix your dog with a stranger.

We have two blocks and four exercise areas so that large or boisterous dogs are housed separately from small ones that may be nervous of big neighbours. Each space has a ‘privacy’ area so dogs are not overlooked by neighbours.

Wood-burning stoves heat all of our boarding blocks and dogs are bedded on carpeted, raised platforms with plenty of rugs and blankets for snuggling into. Background music helps to promote a home-from-home atmosphere. Some collecting customers have reported the kennels to be more comfortable then their holiday accommodation had been!

The Cattery




Our Cattery is fitted with multi level kennels & runs with views out to the woodland or the shrubbery, meaning lots of wildlife to watch…


The pens are luxurious and private with plenty of home comforts like a Wood-Burning stove AND individual heated beds, knitted blankets, cuddly toys and sisal scratching posts.

Several pods, baskets and cushions are provided for sleeping – cats like to have a choice. Each space has a window with a shelf for watching out of when the weather is grim.

Floors have rugs – we know how much cats hate cold feet – and long-term boarders get days out in our heated sun parlour – all part of the service.

Outside, each run has a fleece hammock for all day sunbathing and a wooden branch for scratching or climbing. For those that like a bit of nightlife, some spaces have cat doors. Otherwise our guests are securely closed in after dark.

We aim to make your cat as comfortable as possible, given that cats are not fond of change. We make a lot of fuss of them and take time to play if they want to. If they don’t – well we understand when they say ‘JUST GO AWAY SO I CAN SLEEP’ !





Weekdays 10am – 1pm & 3pm – 4.45pm

Closed 1pm – 3pm and after 4.45pm

Weekend Opening 10am – 1pm ONLY



Daily Rate applies to Arrival and Departure Day inclusive

Single Dog £20.00

Single Cat £10.00


DEALS (Same Ownership Only)

Two Dogs sharing £34.00

Three dogs sharing £44.00

Two cats sharing £18.00

Three Cats Sharing £26.00

Additional numbers by arrangement


Visitors Page

We do not charge VAT or cancellation fees

If you are a new customer we will ask for a 50% deposit at the time of booking

(Refundable up to one month before booking date or transferable to a future booking)


Licensed & approved by Rother District Council.

Insured with Petplan Sanctuary,covers up to £1,500 per boarder.

Recommended by local vet surgeries, the RSPCA and East Sussex County Council Social Services.

License numbers:

Dogs – LN/000023232

Cats LN/000023230

Insured with Petplan Licensed by Rother District Council   Recommended by RSPCA Recommended by East Sussex COunty Council


For your peace of mind, LOCAL ‘Out of Hours’ Veterinary care will be provided if needed.

Recommended by local vet